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We pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

We understand that customers have a wide selection of technology solutions providers available to them and we appreciate those customers that select Shadow Systems as their technology solutions provider.

We are very meticulous when it comes to our service and you’ll recognize why we stand apart from most other technology solutions providers and rest assured that the service provided will meet or exceed your expectations.

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On-site One-Time Data Backup & Transfer

Includes backup of data or transfer files from an old computer to a new computer.

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System Re-load

Is your system running slow, have virus alerts and pop-ups? Bring in your system and we’ll get you up to speed!

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Printer Assistance

Printer giving you problems or need a new printer installed? We can have you up and printing in no time!

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Add a Wireless Device to your Network

We’ll install a compatible wireless device to your existing wired or wireless network.

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Software Install and Setup

Will determine if software is compatible to your system prior to installation. Covers installation of 1 software title.

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 $35.00 / Carry-In        $50.00 / On-site

Wireless Network Setup

Setup and install your wireless network with 2 devices, such as a PC and shared printer.

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Remote Trouble Shooting Assistance

Having problems and need it addressed immediately? Want to add a printer or software but need assistance? We can assist you via remote access, requires working internet connection. *Paypal payment required before services are rendered. If problem is not solved your payment will be reversed same day or mailed out to you.

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Technology Consultation*

Are you a DIY  when it comes to your computer needs? Well if you get stumped we can provide our experience and knowledge to help you solve it!Technology Consultation can be utilized for those that only want to be setup on a “per incident” fee instead of recurring service contract.

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Web Development

Create or migrate your website. We utilize Wix.com for website development for simplification of development, built-in responsive web design, and included SEO optimization and support of social media markets.

We are not limited to Wix.com and can custom develop on other platforms for additional fee.

We will provide online tutorials specific to your website so you can manage all aspects of your site from modifications to your website on Wix, how to interpret Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools and Bing Analytics for maximizing site promotion if you decide not to purchase that additional service from us.

We will also setup Site Booster App and connect your website to Google Webmaster Tools, Google Anayltics and Bing Analytics so you can monitor your website traffic and performance and will setup your SEO strategy as a one time site promotion service.

If you’d like us to maintain your site promotion we can provide that service for an additional fee.

We will update your Domain Name Servers so they point to your new site on Wix.com with your existing domain provider if you need that service at no additional cost to you.

Sample our Work: Southwind Bed & Breakfast

As part of the SEO optimization included in this cost we setup your SEO for your web site pages, setup your Google Analytics(GA) tracking code into your website using the following methods, using GA tracking id, GA meta-tag, add GA CNAME record and GA TXT record.

If this is a new website we recommend subscribing to listing services in addition to those provide by Site Booster App to boost and expedite your website’s position and page rank by driving traffic to your website.

Site promotion maintenance is an important component to any online business success and we can provide that for an additional fee.

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Site Owner is responsible for recurring cost for domain, and Wix subscription after the first year.

If you own an existing domain it is your responsibility to keep your subscription up to date with your domain provider.

Site Promotion*

We will keep your SEO strategy up to date to assist in maintaining your position and page rank in Google search results.Will configure Google Analytics to provide weekly and monthly reports to keep you abreast of your website’s performance.

Maintain your website pages SEO keywords/key phrases based on Google Analytics/Bing Analytics recommendations, quarterly.

Understand that Google does not publicize how its algorithms determine position and ranking on Google search results and some results may take time to realize as we adjust your SEO strategy to meet Google’s ever changing crawling algorithms’ methods.

PLEASE  NOTE: Site promotion does not include web site modifications to content or adding removing pages from your website. For these services you’ll be required to purchase Website Maintenance.

Our Price

 $50.00 / month

Website Maintenance*

Website maintenance is a “per incident fee” and billed by pages you want added or modified, $50.00 / page to be added/modified.If you require your entire site re-designed refer to Web Development service above.Unlike most companies we charge a flat fee for turn-key solution and not a per page fee for our Web Development Service.Websites requiring complex or third-party add-on like shopping cart, on-line reservation system, etc will incur additional fees.

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